We combine cutting edge genetic technology and dedication to conservation to provide effective restoration strategies. From city parks to National Parks, from residential to commercial, we work with our partners to develop plans for sustainable rehabilitation of native landscapes. We have established a long-term riparian monitoring network with over 100 sites and seed and cutting orchards at 5 locations that includes dozens of species and thousands of genotypes. We have greenhouse/nursery facilities that allow us to grow over 500,000 plants per year.

We have established genetic technology that allows us to provide plants that are best adapted to site specific conditions and monitor these plants in the long-term to ensure restoration effectiveness. We are currently testing adaptive potential of multiple species to confront climate change, exotic species, and saline soils. Collaborating with the ARC means that your project will become part of our monitoring network - the largest genetic monitoring network focused on restoration in the world.

We provide plants for your restoration projects. By working with ARC, you become a part of our long-term monitoring network - the largest network in the world to incorporate restoration and genetic technology.
We provide experimental designs for restoration projects that allow continued testing of applied restoration concepts. This includes studies on how climate change and exotic species impact native plants, which watering treatments favor rapid groundwater access by roots, and how to diversify genetically to reduce insect and pathogen damage. Feedback from collaborative research allows us to continually improve the quality of our plants.
Our irrigation systems include flood irrigation design, automated pumping systems, and passive drip-line systems. We have expertise in designing  irrigation systems from 1 acres to 100 acres and from 200 plants to 50,000 plants.